The American Dollar


With your permission, let’s close your eyes, turn up the volume of your speakers or headphones, and begin playing The American Dollar’s discography - you might begin to notice that you feel more alive, and want to follow the unfolding adventure in your heart, as the music takes you to places where you feel human and engaged. Your friends may have told you about The American Dollar, how each powerful guitar strum, heavenly piano sound, and bombastic beat makes you forget about all the distractions in the world around you, and focus more and more powerfully on the captivating melodies, until all your senses are directed to the emotional intensity inside of you, that grows deeper as the song continues. With every note, you directly experience each low and high like a musical roller coaster, until you feel a sense of calm euphoria… as you realize the song is almost finished. But check their catalog for more, and you’ll be excited to find over 150 songs by The American Dollar await your discovery, and passionate experience. Listen to each of their songs the same way as the very first song you loved, and listen repeatedly; you might notice your imagination changes each time.

Rich Cupolo and John Emanuele have an incredible do-it-yourself work ethic: every single sound is created in their self-built studio since 2005. Rich mixes every song, and both he and John do the sound recording and video production, as well as the entire live concert. Both members were born and raised in Queens, New York City. Rich began playing piano at the age of seven, John playing drums at the age of five. The two became friends when they attended the same high school, and played in several bands together, with Rich learning guitar and John learning piano along the way. The two decided to form The American Dollar in 2005, after a sound experiment unexpectedly produced the first ambient notes of the song “Everyone Gets Shot”. Listen and share The American Dollar because they create the most striking pieces, both now, and into the future.